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You as a web marketer or seller want to send an email to a website owner, but you don’t know their email address. To help you to resolve this issue, has a solution. Open the site and click on the ‘Free SEO Tools’ button. Scroll down the list of free SEO tools till you come to the email privacy icon. Click on it and enter the URL of the website. It will return and display the emails associated with the site.

Every website has its private email address, and this is not displayed on the website. These private email services are provided by the web hosting service provider. Yes, some websites have a mail icon, and if you click on it, you can send an email to the website owner. Webmasters and website owners who want to get ads on the website will place icons on the website advertising where they can display ads. Anyone interested in placing an ad has to just click on the icon of their preferred spot and send an email. Then it’s up to the website owner and ad placer to negotiate a deal.

Email privacy is a handy tool to get the email addresses of websites and can be used to contact website owners and masters.