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About Google Cache Checker

Google will store the cached version in the same way that it is shown when it last scanned the site. That is why there will be some cases that the cached version of the web page that is different from the current web page that you will see when you click on the website address in the search results.

Each time the Google robots visit your website and crawl on the content, it will just keep the previously indexed copy in their cache. Our Google Cache Checker tool will let you check whether Google has cached your web pages or not and the time when the last content is updated. The objective of this tool is to allow you to check your cached copy anytime you want.

We know that creating unique and fresh content for your website is one of the best ways to get high rankings on Google. But it is also important to make sure that Google was able to crawl your website and index it.

When Google Spider crawls and analyzes your website, it takes a snapshot of every web page and keeps them as a backup. So that when the time comes and a user searches for a keyword or phrase in search, Google will use the cached version to see if it matches the searched phrase or not. Every search result has a link to a cached version of the website which will then direct the user to the cached web page of that particular website. It is highly beneficial when a website is temporarily down because of some technical issues.

You might be wondering if Google had actually crawled our website or if Google really knows that our website exists. To know this search google cache of any web page and this tool will help you find out. This will provide you with the exact time and date Google has made your website's most recent cached version.