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Search engines examine the web pages in an entirely different way from that of users. They can read specific file formats and content only. For instance, search engines like Google aren’t able to read the CSS and JavaScript code. Along with that, they may also not recognize visual content like images, videos, and graphic content.

It can become difficult for you to rank your site if it is in these formats. You’ll have to optimize your content with the help of meta tags. They will let the search engines know what exactly you are providing to the users. You might have heard the famous phrase “Content is King” which becomes more relevant in such a scenario. You’ll have to optimize your site according to the standards of content set by search engines like Google. Try our grammar checker to make your content according to the rules and regulations.

If you are looking to see your webpage, the way the search engine sees it, then our search engine spider simulator can help you out in this regard. The web has complex functionality and to synchronize your site’s overall structure; you’ll need to work from the Google Bot perspective.